Preventive Health Check-Ups

Preventive Health Check-Ups

Preventive Health Check-Ups

Dr. Alia Medical Center launched the Good Health Plan services within our network, which consist of a clinical examination covering the different aspects of medical fitness, supervised by a medical coordinator. The packages include two medical examinations in addition to any requested additional investigations and are offered at very competitive pricings.

Our Medicheck health profiles are especially designed to ensure medical fitness and good health. They can play a major role in early detection of any ailment problem, thereby helping in providing a fast and effective treatment.

Medicheck I: Ideal for companies with a large range of employees. This plan includes a general medical examination, chest x-ray, audiometry, pelvic and prostate examination, and assessment of lung function, ECG, cholesterol and blood sugar testing.

Medicheck II: Recommended for individuals’ aged 40 and above. This plan includes Medicheck I plus liver and kidney function tests, full analysis of lipids, PAP Smear and mammogram for women, detailed eye examination and blood test for Hepatitis-B and VDRL.

Medicheck III: A comprehensive executive plan for those who wish to have an in-depth medical examination with specialized tests. This plan combines Medicheck II with a detailed lung function test, dental exam, stress ECG, Echo Cardiogram and complete ultrasound scans.

Health Profile
Health profile is designed as a package deal to suit the patient requirements. They are intended to encourage the patients to undergo the necessary tests regularly to safeguard their health.

In additional to the above, our laboratory in association with Laboratoire Marcel Merieux, France performs complex enzyme and Hormonal assays.

Preventive Health Check-Ups
Preventive Health Check-Ups
Preventive Health Check-Ups

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