10 Proven Fast External Hemorrhoid Treatment At Home

Hemorrhoid surgery process that sounds scary makes many people choose how to treat hemorrhoid with natural medicine.

Remember, external hemorrhoid treatment at home only for patients who are not allergic to the following natural ingredients.

How To Remove External Hemorrhoids At Home

1 Aloe Vera

There are two ways to make aloe vera natural hemorrhoid medicine. Consumption of aloe vera can help facilitate digestion.

Secondly applying aloe vera gel as a topical medication will help relieve inflammation and relieve pain and sear burning in the anus.

Aloe vera gel is known to reduce the effects of inflammation on the skin. When applied, this gel will give a cool effect so as to reduce pain.

However, the recommended gel is pure aloe gel. You can get it directly from scraping the meat of fresh aloe leaves. Do not use aloe vera gel that is already in commercial packaging.

Make sure you don’t have allergies to aloe vera before using it. It should be noted that aloe vera gel should only be used as an external hemorrhoid medicine. That is, you can only apply the gel to the skin of the outer part of the anus that is swollen and feels itchy. Never insert an aloe gel into the anal canal.

The choice of natural medicine may be the most accessible treatment option. However, it is also possible that this can worsen your hemorrhoid.

So, always consult with your doctor first before using any hemorrhoid medication to avoid unwanted side effects.

2 Black Tea

The second natural hemorrhoid medicine is black tea. The content of tannin in black tea is believed to be able to reduce pain and swelling due to hemorrhoids. The way to apply it is to use a wet black tea bag to compress the anus.

Tea bags may be soaked in warm water first, then compressed immediately, and can use used tea bags that are cooled first. Compress for about 10 minutes on the anus and do it 2 to 3 times a day.

3 Epsom salt and glycerin

The next natural remedy for hemorrhoids is a mixture of epsom salt (magnesium sulfate salt) and glycerin. The trick is to mix epsom and glycerin salt with a ratio of 1: 1. Then use cotton or gauze to apply the mixture to the anus. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat 2 to three times a day.

4 Garlic

Garlic is also included in the list of recommended natural hemorrhoids medications. Garlic is rich in various substances that make it detoxifying, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Garlic is believed to be effective for promoting blood circulation, giving protection to blood vessels, to destroying bacteria in the intestine.

There are several ways to make garlic a natural medicine for hemorrhoids. The first way is to consume it raw. The second way is to apply garlic directly to the amebei. But the use of garlic as an external medicine is not recommended if hemorrhoids are accompanied by bleeding.

5 Apple vinegar

The next natural hemorrhoid medication is apple vinegar. This one natural ingredient contains an astringent which is capable of shrinking swelling in blood vessels and relieving inflammation. There are several ways to use apple vinegar as a medicine for hemorrhoids.

The first way is to mix apple cider vinegar with the water used to wash the anus. The second way is to apply apple vinegar using cotton or cotton buds in the hemorrhoid area. Another way is to mix a few drops of apple vinegar with water to drink.

6 Natural Oil

The sixth natural remedy for hemorrhoids is natural oils such as almond oil. This one option is generally given as an external hemorrhoid treatment. The trick is to apply the oil directly to external hemorrhoids. Almond oil will provide a moisturizing effect and can relieve inflammation and win the skin so that the pain and itching due to hemorrhoids will decrease.

Besides almond oil, you can also use olive oil which is rich in antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. How to apply olive oil as a natural hemorrhoid medicine is the same as how to apply almond oil.

7 Soak warm water

You can soak your entire body in a bathtub filled with warm water and relax for a while. If you do not want to wet your entire body, sit in the tub to soak the body only to the waist. Soak the anal area for about 10 to 15 minutes in warm water. Do it 2 to 3 times a day regularly.

The heat from water can reduce inflammation and swelling due to hemorrhoid. Make sure you dry the anal area properly after soaking. This is done to prevent the buttocks from constantly felt melt which can invite the risk of infection.

8 Ice cubes

In addition to soaking in warm water, another effective way to relieve pain from hemorrhoids is to use ice cubes. The trick is to compress the affected part using ice cubes for a few minutes until the pain slowly subsides.

9 Take fiber supplements

Constipation can occur because you eat less fibrous food. If food alone cannot be fulfilled, you can take fiber supplements (psyllium husk) to meet your body’s fiber needs.

Additional fiber will soften the stool and increase its weight, as well as launch bowel movements to remove it.

Fiber supplements are usually recommended by doctors to avoid side effects of laxative drugs that often cause diarrhea.

Although it does not directly eliminate hemorrhoid lumps, this drug supplement can help you deal with constipation which often worsens the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

10 Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a water-based toner liquid that can be used as a hemorrhoid medicine.

Research on the benefits of witch hazel as a hemorrhoid medicine is not enough. But Masssarat Zutshi, MD, a colorectal surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic recommends this to reduce the itching, pain and bleeding that occurs during hemorrhoids.

Is Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Effective?

Some of the natural hemorrhoid treatments above are indeed natural treatments that are recommended and declared safe by doctors. But these treatments do not guarantee your recovery, especially if the hemorrhoids experienced are quite severe. Most natural treatments are only able to relieve symptoms.

Hemorrhoids can be completely cured only with a surgical procedure. Even the results of hemorrhoid surgery can also be not permanent if you do not maintain your habits that can make the hemorrhoids recur. Generally, the results of hemorrhoid surgery can last for 5 to 10 years to not relapse again.

If you want to cure hemorrhoids with natural ingredients, you should also accompany them with a healthy lifestyle, so that hemorrhoids don’t recur easily. Eat lots of water, fibrous foods, avoid spicy foods, regular exercise is a number of ways you can do to prevent hemorrhoids from recurring.

Tips for effective hemorrhoid treatment

Maintain a diet

Most cases of hemorrhoid occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle. One of them is like eating fast food that lacks fiber. Lack of fiber intake can cause stool harder and harder to remove.

To prevent constipation and worsen the risk of hemorrhoids, you need to multiply eating high-fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit. That way, the bowel movements become softer and orderly to remove feces.

However, fiber intake must be considered when you take fiber supplements. Do not let the fiber you get exceed the recommended limit. Excess fiber actually causes flatulence and spasms.

Drink more water

In order to quickly recover from the pain of hemorrhoids, you also need to drink more. Of course, you should choose to drink water that is healthier than sweet drinks.

Make sure you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses per day. However, drinking more water should be increased especially if you are using laxative drugs and fiber supplements to get rid of hemorrhoids.

This avoids you from dehydration while helping fiber supplements work well in the stomach.


Exercise can make the intestines work better at digesting food. Conversely, if you are lazy to move or spend more time sitting, the ambient risk of relapse will increase.

In addition, exercise can help you control your body weight more ideally. Remember, excessive weight will put great pressure on the veins around the anus. This is the same effect as the pressure caused by pregnant women, which is one of the risks of hemorrhoid.

Regular exercise can also help prevent hemorrhoid symptoms from getting worse. Do simple exercises such as brisk walking for 20-30 minutes every day.

Keep your anus clean

When you experience hemorrhoid, maintaining rectal hygiene is the most important thing. The goal is to avoid infection in a hemorrhoid wound that has ruptured or used surgery.

So, don’t forget to clean your anus by taking a shower every day. Gently wipe the anal area with warm water. Then, dry your buttocks and anus with a towel or dry tissue.

Avoid using wet tissues containing alcohol or fragrances that can irritate the skin around the sensitive anus.

Use a pillow

Many don’t realize that sitting on a hard surface can worsen hemorrhoid symptoms.

Sitting on a hard surface is just squeezing a lump of hemorrhoid with a heavy bodyweight.

So, use soft pads when you sit. In addition to reducing pain, this action can also reduce the risk of hemorrhoids relapse.

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